Kienle Communications LLC Strategies for Marketing Professional Services
Kienle Communications LLC Strategies for MarketingProfessional Services

Services: What Can We Do for You?

Take advantage of our marketing and business development expertise. 



Interview Coaching



Implement our proprietary step-by-step interview process

  • Develop a winning interview outline for each interview
  • Develop top presenters 
  • Coach presenters for each interview

Cover Letter/Proposal Writing 

  • Write successful marketing proposals
  • Provide critical and timely proposal reviews
  • Create compelling cover letters
  • Create effective responses resulting in short listing

Business Development Strategies and Training

  • Refine existing programs
  • Create new approaches
  • Train marketers/technical professionals in BD best practices and skills

Marketing communications

  • Marketing audits of your complete marketing/BD programs
  • Create consistent messages
  • Editing services


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Marketing determines how an audience perceives your services. Marketing is aimed at many contacts and business development is one-on-one relationship building. These two services work in concert to develop business.


Put the two together and you are positioned for success. Let us help you build the strategies to make you successful.

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